Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello February.

I'm drawing blanks about what to write about in this blog post, mostly because I'm disappointed that the things I want to blog about, I don't have pictures for! I can't remember the last time I didn't have pictures to document an outing. How will anyone believe that we just got back from a tropical island adventure in Figi? Ok, no...we didn't just get back from Figi. But we did just get back from a weekend trip to Delta, Utah. Population? 3,200.

That's right, I have zero pictures to show for it, but we did go to Delta a couple months ago for the annual pheasant hunt! So, here are some pictures from that!

Shootin' Skeet.

Chad hunting the non-existent pheasants.

We went this weekend with Chad's cousin Brandon and Chelsea to Delta again to visit their Grandma Margie! We took her out to lunch and she told Chad that he needs to get rid of his soul patch. Awesome.

That same Brandon and Chelsea also introduced us to something wonderful about California Pizza Kitchen, that we feel selfish not to share! Turns out you can buy ready-made pizza dough from CPK to-go for $1 each! They have it all rolled out perfectly so all you have to do is take it home and add toppings! It's a fun little date night!


Chelsea & Brandon
Chad & Winnie!

We did the CPK pizza thing with Chad and Winnie one night when they came over for dinner! I still suck at cooking, so this seemed like a safer bet : ).

JASMINE AND ROD came and stayed with us two weeks ago in our little apartment and it was so much fun!!! Thankfully, she took pics AND video of our tubing adventures and wrote a lovely blog post about the whole trip that you can read here. Yes, I enjoy inserting hyperlinks.

ARIZONA. We graced ourselves with the presence of Arizona not once, but twice between October and December and I DO have a few pics to prove it...Hooray!

Keri & Craig's Wedding!

Andrew & Ali's Wedding!

Other random AZ pics!

I love this picture so much!! My favorite part is the creepy dead face on the TV in the background.


Savvy, Raeg, Meg, and Sis. Duffin were there in spirit!

My nephew, Lennox!!

BJ's for Sterling's B-day!

Back to Utah Life...

So, for my work Christmas party we decided to do a "Grinch-themed" party, which meant we needed to recreate Who-ville. After a lovely 6-hour Saturday, I was proud to contribute to this awesome painting! One of the girls at work free hand drew this on an 8.5x11 size paper and then my co-worker Amanda and I went and traced it onto 6'x30' butcher paper. We felt quite accomplished when all was said and done.

Did I mention Ugly Sweater Contest?


^ Park City!! A day to remember...don't ask why. It involves throwing up on the ski hill and...welp, we'll just leave it at that. Ya!

Temple Square!

Fondue Night @ our apt. with Shannen, Spencer, Aubree & Sean!

Oh! One last thing! We also got to go on a little overnight trip to Manti with the Lyons to see our friends Steve & Whitney get married! We stayed at this cute little bed & breakfast that Spencer's uncle owns and it was sweeet! All of the rooms had a theme and were decorated so cute! And, of course my camera died, so the two pictures below do not do the place justice. But, we had lots of fun and the Manti temple is amazing!!!

Congratulations if you made it this far into my boring blog post. Thanks for readin' !!

P.S. Chad says hi.