Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer is ending but the honeymoon AIN'T!!! HAPPY 1 MONTH ANNIVERSARY!!!

Well... This is Chad... for the first time!

I just thought I would put in my two cents considering I am the other half of the family! Well, long story short... I love Anais! Isn't she the most amazing person ever? That's a rhetorical question as the answer is clearly YES!!! I would go off and give my version of the whole story, but basically I say "diddo" to the wifeys' entire blog!

Since the wedding we have just enjoyed spending time together! Getting to sleep in on Saturdays together and watching movies in our new apartment! We just had our reception in Utah on the 7th of August and it was awesome! Cold Stone was amazing and it was good to see people that we had not seen for a long time! Im SO not excited for school and I am SO jealous of Anais and her "graduated" status!

Well, sorry this was short but... HAPPY 1 MONTH BABE!!!!