Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whoah...We're MARRIED?!

Well, part of me considered switching over to Wordpress and creating a whole new blog...but I guess I just couldn't part with the old one! It still probably needs some "cutesy-ing" up, but for now it will definitely do. Ok I REALLY don't know where to begin with this post! Well...July 10, 2010 was a pretty big day I suppose. Chad and I got MARRIED and it was AWESOME! Saying marriage is awesome is the understatement of the year. It really is an absolute blast! One of our favorite things about being married is just getting to go home and be together every night! How much did it suck having to drive home late at night, half-asleep wishing we were just married already? A lot. So, we still find sheer excitement in that. Well, we know we've already blown up Facebook with a million wedding pictures, so we will just kind of fill you in with what's going on in our lives...and maybe throw in a few pics : ).

Chad has been working for T-Mobile at the University Mall in Orem since he came home in May and I love getting texts from friends saying, "Does Chad work at the mall? I'm pretty sure I just saw him!" Haha, he has been working so hard, and I'm happy he gets to keep up his Spanish selling phones to people with the "habla espanol" on his name tag! He also gets to wear an awesome lime green shirt, which I will be sure to showcase in a future post. My husband is such a stud! The picture below you will not only see Chad in action at work in the background, but also...yes, Ashleigh and Ryan DiLello from SYTYCD Season 6!!! YA!!
In June I started working full-time for Qualtrics! I originally applied for a sales position, but ended up with an opportunity to work in the marketing and corporate communications department! I absolutely love working there and the people I work with are awesome! I've been able to keep writing doing weekly posts on the Q-munity blog, too! Yesterday there was a "Perfect-push up" competition for the girls at work before our Friday lunch meeting and by some unforseen miracle...I won and got $200! Haha I was so excited to tell Chad about it! I had told him about the competition the day before and he tried to show me all these motivational videos on YouTube to help me do as many as I could to win...and I literally had zero expectations of winning...I'm still not really sure how I was able to pull off 41 push ups, because I'm pretty sure my max is like ten when I attempt to work out. It's amazing what monetary incentives can do...and that is what I call a great day at work.

Chad will be going to UVU in the fall and although I feel really bad for him because who actually enjoys school??!..... the closer and closer it gets, the more joy I feel about having my B.A.! Don't worry, babe, you can do it!!!

We have been living in B & Corey's apartment in Provo and it has treated us very well! We are so glad that Bridgette and Corey have helped us out and let us take care of their humble abode while they are working in Cali for the summer! We are excited to see them when they get back in a few weeks!! We found a new apartment just a couple blocks away and will be moving in on August 1st!

So many thank you's:
The last weekend in June I went down to AZ for my bachelorette party and bridal shower!! Chelci, Jamie, Jackie and my sister and I went out to eat at Frank and Lupe's and stayed at a sweet hotel in Scottsdale!! It was so much fun!! The Arnett women, my mom and sister Jazz threw a bridal shower for me too! Thanks so much!!!

Chad's Aunt Linda and her daughter Jann voluntarily came over from California to do all the decorating for our wedding reception...and let me tell you, we feel forever indebted to them for all the hard work and time they put into it! They even made it to our sealing!!!
Our families helped SO much too with setting everything up and taking it all down, cleaning up and my mom slaved away in the kitchen for hours along with many others! THANK YOU! We'll post some fam, bridal party and reception pics soon!!

Ok and we LOVED our photographers Ben Christensen, who did our bridals, and Kacey and Karl Reed who took pics of our wedding day, the bridal party, and the whole reception!!! I highly recommend them!!!

Here's a few pics to share!

More to come! Love you all.