Saturday, October 10, 2009

All you need is love.


What is it that compels you to wake up and get out of bed every morning?

Is it work? School? Money? Or is your morning breath so bad, you can't wait another second to get up and brush your teeth? Mine always is. Sorry, Chad.

Well, whatever the reason is, we all do it. We all find a reason every single day to get up, get out of bed and face a brand new day.

Here is mine:

Don't worry, in less than 7 months Chad and I will be taking a picture similar to this...haha

Elder Dalin Petersen and the missionary...Chad is sportin' his Bahama Bucks t-shirt...woo!! He loves Mesa...haha

This picture combines the greasiest-looking pizza I have ever seen with the hottest man alive.

I hope he ate that entire thing by himself. I'd be so proud.

a UTAH license Argentina???!

Sorry but I can't get over how cute he is! Let it be known that I love this man and I am jealous of whomever he is on the phone with in this picture...haha

Sweet bruise, sad story...Chad was playing soccer and messed messed his foot up!

Elder Mills & Elder Moody in front of the Buenos Aires Temple. Love this picture!

Arts & Crafts?

Ha, I love his facial expression.

I totally went to school with and worked with Elder Lane (front right) at Lou Coopey Photography! True story.

Told ya he still loves me! haha just kidding...but not really.

Always have to end with the best one...

Ohh Chad...he must have known this picture would make me want him even more. But I will say, the snot rocket one in my 2nd blog post still takes the cake!

So, there you have it. Chad Moody is my reason. My motivation and determination to take hold of every opportunity and rich blessing that life has in store. Chad is my best friend and he is the reason I wake up every morning feeling like I can take on the world.

It seems there is a neverending struggle to define what love really is. Trust me, I don't plan on attempting to put an end to that struggle. But I will attempt to tell you what I think love is.

First and foremost, love is God and God is love.
God's love is infinitely pure and endless for every human soul. When we have found someone we love and view as perfect, despite all his or her imperfections, we have found true love.

During general conference Pres. Utchdorf said, "The closer we approach God, the more profoundly we experience love."

Love is not claiming to be waiting for a missionary. Truth be told, this means absolutely nothing to people. Love is not just sitting around for two years, twiddling your thumbs and waiting for your dream man to come home from his mission, sweep you off your feet all over again and marry you when he gets home. No, love is really working hard for what you want, really being faithful, and KNOWING that the boy you fell in love with on a beach in Hawaii, the boy you have been told by friends and family is likely to want nothing to do with you by the time he gets home, the boy who has already grown and changed immensely from serving a mission in Argentina the past 17 months, the boy who has never taken you for granted, the boy who still treats you like a princess thousands of miles away, the boy who gave you a promise ring promising himself to you as much as you did to him, is literally going to come home and marry you within two months after he gets home from his mission. Bam. Said and done. How can a girl be so sure? Because he has given you his heart, completely, in exchange for yours. Forever.

Love is sounding like a complete idiot in a feeble, amateur attempt to define it.

Love is when you're not afraid of looking, sounding, or being perceived as a fool.

Love is knowing what you have when you have someone who ALWAYS knows what they have when they have you.

Love is fighting for someone who has always fought for you.

Love is sitting in your car in the Bahama Bucks parking lot making a tape for your missionary on your birthday.

Love is cheesy to the max, and at the same time, so undeniably captivating and profound.

Love is wishing everyone could feel even just a fragment of the love you feel so lucky to have.

Love is Chad Gary Moody and Anais Genevieve Durney.

Chad and Anais love is...a force to be reckoned with.
It's head-spinning, persevering, selfless, fearless, timeless, metaphysical, ridiculous, blissful, forgiving, eternal, grounded, indescribable, unconditional, unfeigned, passionate, ever-growing, and INFALLIBLE.

Chad & Anais' love story?

It can't be beat.