Sunday, May 31, 2009

Still alive, still in love...with Chad.

Dear friends, we have made it passed the year mark. The half-way point is old news. It's the dawn of the my 2nd and FINAL summer I have to spend without the Chadster and this makes me happier than you could possibly comprehend.

Still haven't missed a single week of writing/emailing each other.
Still LOVE each other.
Still waiting faithfully...we're talking Aimee Gurr faithfully, other boys don't exist faithfully, engaged faithfully... what more can I say? He's a keeper.
Still putting stickers on my lovely countdown sticker chart EVERY day that Chad got me before he left.
Still need to shed some unwanted poundage before Chad gets home. (But that's another story)
Still fall into a daze when some dude wearing Acqua DiGio walks by me, because it makes me think of Chad.
Still haven't taken this promise ring off of my finger. (Except for when I went to Lake Powell last summer with Chad's fam and kept getting scared it was going to fall off for some reason)
Still motivated as ever to work hard and have my bachelor's degree in hand by next Spring when Chad gets home.
Still 100% sure that Chad Moody is the one.
Still preparing to be sealed to him for time and all eternity in the temple.
Still always celebrating the "20th" of every month.
Still rip open every letter I get in the mail from Chad like it's the first.
Still convinced that Chad is the most amazing man alive.
Still haven't convinced most of you that this is NOT bogus...I've never been more sure about anything in my life.
Still wake up everyday and he is the first thing on my mind.
Still get butterflies as if he were sitting right next to me.
Still somehow have a voicemail saved from last July when Chad called me from the airport when he left to Argentina that I listen to all the time.
Still have a playlist on my iPod dedicated solely to songs that remind me of him.
Still know he loves me.
Still, he is everything I need.

But there is one thing that is no longer a "still," one thing that seems to consistently change...which would much I love him. I haven't even physically seen Chad with my two little brown eyes in nearly 13 months, yet I feel closer to and more in love with him and his big blue eyes through ways that the 5 physical senses could not possibly detect better than my heart can. If this all sounds like gibberish or over-the-top, that's okay. It just emphasizes my point that there are literally no words. Call me a lousy journalist, but this is one never-ending story that is void of words remotely sufficient enough to explain the insurmountable love we share. And it keeps growing stronger every day. I'd say that's more than enough reason for me to stick around and do everything I can to not let this one get away.

What more can I say, I'm ridiculously in love. And I don't care who knows it.

Ready for some new pics from the missionary? Enjoy.

Awww I love this pic of him!! Why is he so cute?!

Chad and his comp. Elder Mills from Mesa, AZ!

haha I'm guessing this was in LaFerrere...

Evidence that he's working hard : )....he's look pretty happy that Gary and Sherry sent him some new shoes!

Chad and Elder Steve Frost...he loves Mesa people! haha

As a special treat, and after five hours of trying to upload this's Chad playing his own little rendition of Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. Grab some tissues Sherry Ann, you know this makes us cry every time we watch it : )