Sunday, February 8, 2009

Meet Elder Moody.

All right, you knew this was coming!! So, for Christmas Chad sent me and his family a cd of all the pictures on his camera card from his mission up through December! I've been dying to throw some of these up on a post since I got them, but there's just so many that I love it was hard to narrow it down! But, you people have got to see how much of a stud this little missionary is! Yesterday, he hit his 9 month mark! Woo hoo! I love this boy! So, without further are some of my favorites of the pics I've gotten from Chad!
Apparently, I've been replaced with beef empanadas.

Buenos Aires Temple...haha gotta love his little pose...

Chad's first area: Moron, Argentina. I appreciate this picture.


Look at Chad's big cute smile!! He wrote me a letter about the guy in the middle, said he started talking to him on the street and had to take a pic with him...haha

I think all boys are pyros at heart...ha and I probably just love this pic 'cuz he's wearing the shirt I sent him from Lake Powell...don't worry I bought myself a matching one too!

This one just never fails to get a laugh out of me...haha what a goof!

This is one of Chad's investigators that he baptized! She was deathly afraid of water and her whole baptism story was awesome!

Chad's companion, Elder Petersen (on the left), actually went to BYU Hawaii the semester after Chad went! Oddly enough, they hung out with the same people over there including my little friend Trenton Read! Small world!

Don't want to make you lose your appetite, but if you look closely, you can see the mouse's internal organs oozing out.
I think this was Chad's first baptism!

Chad and Marcos : )

Proud of him for chugging out of the bottle and for sporting what seems to be the classic missionary comb-over!
This is an oldie from the MTC. Who knew missionaries could have this much fun on 4th of July in the MTC.

Hottie on the front left. What a STUD! haha
In front of the Provo Temple...just glowing like a little angel! haha

Well, there you have it! If you can't tell, I'm kind of obsessed with this little missionary of mine! haha and 2 years ago, I probably wouldn't have thought twice about shamelessy exposing a school-girlish craze over any guy, but I guess it just goes to show how incredibly amazing Chad Moody must be to make me be this ridiculous for all the world to see. And by all the world I mean the five people who actually know I even have this blog. But still, that's saying a lot! Haha, if you would like to send chad a little letter go to! It's free, and he's a missionary so...mail from anyone, anywhere is like manna from the heavens.
Last but not least, the final fave....brace yourselves!

What a classic Chad picture. Sorry ladies, he's all mine. Snot rockets and all. : )